This week we are honored to introduce you to a fellow St. Louis creatives, Ciara and Tiara of Local Foreign; the twin sister owners of Local Foreign. Local Foreign is a handmade home goods and accessories brand.

Ciara and Tiara started their handmade brand in 2019, right before the pandemic. They told us it became a way for them and their family to “combat the pandemic and winter blues”. Soon after realizing how much they enjoyed creating the colorful decor for their friends and family, they started taking custom orders and making a business out of their hobby.

What was the motivation behind it all?

Our primary motivation then (and still today) was to spread optimism and empathy and inspire everyone’s own individual idea of “cool”.

Rainbows seem to be the star of Local Foreign, how did this become your number 1 product?

Rainbows are where it all began! There is just an incomparable happiness and positivity that comes with seeing a rainbow! It is no surprise to us that our rainbows have been our best sellers from day one.

We’ve spotlighted Local Foreign on Instagram a couple months ago, you shared your experience of getting accepted on Faire. How has your experience been being on the platform since then?

We have enjoyed Faire so far! We love wholesaling to other small businesses! Faire allows us to improve our reach and make customers in places we might not have been able to get on our own. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of seeing something you handmade in a shop in a state you’ve never been to!

What are your favorite tools and resources to use as a business owner?

We are now in a place in our small business journey that requires us to be incredibly organized to keep things running smoothly. Right now I am obsessed with Asana, it helps us to keep organized and manage our work between the two of us. The calendar feature is my favorite ESPECIALLY during market season.

As a user of Inventora, we’re dying to know – what’s your favorite feature of the system?

Finally, having an easy to use and easy to understand tool to help us keep an inventory of our completed products. I cannot explain to you how nice it is to have such a clean and streamlined tool. It makes doing inventory quick, easy, and painless. As a small business owner, we are constantly being pulled in one hundred directions; with tons of different tasks to take care of day to day. Feeling confident in our ability to keep track of inventory. A very important aspect of our business. This is one thing that makes our job a little bit easier.

What to know more about Ciara and Tiara of Local Foreign? Check out the links below!

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