Something we get frequently asked, is how to find markets and events to sell at. We wanted to ask someone who we knew was a total pro at rockin’ markets, so we reached out to Madeleine from Papillon Press.

Why do you choose to sell at markets, in addition to your shop online?

I do markets partly to connect with people, and partly for the sales! We make a pretty large percentage of our non-holiday sales at markets. That said, even when it’s a slow market, it’s really fun to meet people who are interested in what we do, and to educate people about printmaking.

How do you find markets to sell at?

I find markets by lots of googling, lots of networking. I try to always connect with other vendors when I do events, and I often find events when other vendors post about them on their social media. If I am having a hard time finding an event for a day I want, I’ll look on Facebook events, or just google related terms.

Do you think networking with other business ultimately helps when it comes to participating in markets?

Networking is SO important! First of all, it’s fun to meet other makers, but customers always love a personal connection. Who doesn’t like to feel special? I’ve made lots of wholesale connections at events, and I find people are way more likely to buy things after a good conversation. It’s also really important to talk to other vendors about how they’re doing, since that can help determine how the market is going overall.

What’s your best advice when it comes to preparing for a market?

Make a list! I have a list of things to prep the week leading up, and then the morning of, (or night before, depending on when I pack up) I have a list of all the things I need to bring. There have been times I haven’t used the lists and I almost always forget to do or bring something.

What’s your experience when it comes to participating in a market that has a higher booth fee (such as $500+) versus low booth fees around $50.

For me, it varies wildly. I’ve made similar amounts of money at markets that charged $40 and $400. I’ll try lots of markets at least, but a high booth fee doesn’t guarantee lots of sales. It all depends on who shows up, sometimes they’re people who are my demographic, sometimes they’re not, and it can be hard to tell without trying the market first.

Still have questions about how to find markets and events to sell at? Ask us below! And don’t forget to check out Madeleine’s stationary shop, Papillon Press! You can find her shop and social media below.

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