TikTok is the future of social media. With it’s proven growth rate, there now lies huge opportunity for small businesses to find success through the app. If you are at all familiar with TikTok, you’ve probably asked yourself “should I use TikTok as a marketing strategy for my small business?”. The answer; absolutely!

Generating Brand Awareness For Your Small Business

TikTok is a great organic way to create awareness around your brand. Introduce your brand to 755 million users by creating videos that showcase your handmade products. Tell your story about how you started, give behind the scene tours of your studio, or show clips of your production process. This is content that can be easily made by a small business owner, and performs extremely well on the app.

Small business owners can literally use TikTok as if it were a commercial, testimonial, or review of their products. You can get as creative or as simple as you’d like and still have a successful outcome from whichever content you choose to produce.

The idea is to create and generate a response from your creation.

Cultivating an Organic Audience & Brand Credibility

TikTok’s algorithm is centered around user’s interests and behaviors. The app learns about each individual user and creates a feed based on the findings it gathered. There for, the users who will be viewing your content will be an audience who already has interests in handmade products similar to yours. This makes is super easy to find your community and to an audience who can increase the chances of your TikTok account going viral.

TikTok’s features give it’s users endless possibilities for creation. It’s an app that is centered around creating content from original content and sounds. So what this means is two things: 1.) It is easy to create content because there are always viral videos surfacing for you to reference your own content around. 2.) It’s easier on TikTok than other apps for users to create videos in response to your original videos.

An example of this is the duets feature on TikTok. Users are able to create side by side videos to create a response to an original video. A great way to execute a video like this would be to tease your handmade products then encourage users who have purchased your products (or users that you have gifted your products) to duet your original video with their review. This will also help with your small business’s credibility.

Another important note to mention are TikTok trends. Trends run fast on TikTok. An example of this is TikTok challenges. TikTok challenges serve as a way for users to create videos for their profiles that reference your small business or brand. Videos like these in bulk can create huge opportunity for brand awareness and credibility. Thus, opening the door for new customers to explore your handmade products.

High Opportunity for Overnight Success

Trends are born on TikTok, and by the hundreds. This is something to take into consideration when asking yourself “Should I use TikTok as a marketing strategy for my small business”. New trends pop up daily, making it easier for your small business to go viral. The key is to be proactive about how you create your videos. Not only do you want go viral on TikTok, but you want your small business to go viral. Do this by incorporating trending sounds and features into your videos, but also make sure you’re adding your small business’s shopping URL into your clips, when applicable. Additionally, you’ll want your account to show a clickable link to your handmade shop at all times, as well. Do this by adding your shop link to your bio.

The more you post, the more your website click rates will increase. Consistency is key. Most sources recommend posting 1-3 times per day to quickly grow your small businesses TikTok account. However, we understand that’s not always possible. So we are here to tell you, you can still have videos go viral without posting by the bulk. But if you have the time to post more often, you definitely should! One viral video could change your company’s growth rate overnight – honestly! This really is a marketing tool you’ll want to use and explore.

Endless Collaboration Opportunities

A really great part about TikTok is the opportunity to collaborate with it’s users. As mentioned above, a great way to do this is through duets. Send some of your most loyal followers new product samples and get their reaction to your new products on a duet! You could even incorporate a giveaway through TikTok. The “like and tag a friend” giveaway type works great on TikTok, especially because TikTok’s comment sections are highly active.

There’s also opportunity for your business to get promoted by other brands, or other small businesses looking to collaborate. As you can see, the growth possibilities for small businesses on TikTok are endless!

After reading this article you probably aren’t questioning if you should be using TikTok as a marketing strategy for your small business. Inventora is going to help you get started by giving you 30 days of content ideas! Join our 30-day TikTok challenge with our simple prompts below:

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