We have discussed Instagram time and time again here on the Inventora blog. The reason for this being, is it’s a very important platform for small businesses. Instagram is a place where individuals and businesses can find community. Once you’ve established a community, you’ve opened doors for other opportunities, such as growing your small business. One of these opportunities includes the privilege to be able to sell your products on this platform. In this article, you’ll learn the main reasons why you should be selling your handmade products on Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

This one may see a bit obvious, but social media is the new way of marketing. This is especially important if you’re trying to connect with younger generations. This doesn’t mean there is no use for the older, more textbook way of marketing, but it is important that you establish yourself on social media; Instagram especially. Don’t worry – we have plenty of tips on how you can get started on Instagram marketing and tips on how to grow your Instagram account as a small business owner.

A New Audience

Another reason why you should be selling your handmade products on Instagram is to reach a new and larger audience. Instagram has roughly 1 billion users – that’s a LOT! And the best part about this marketing tool, is it’s free! You can reach a sizable audience at the touch of your fingers.

Instagram users are also based all around the world. So, when using the platform efficiently, you’re now not limiting yourself to just the location around you, but everywhere.

This is also a great way to make sure your brand is staying current and maintaining trends. Instagram (and TikTok) are the growth mecca for what is trending in real time.

Algorithm Ranking

Whether the algorithm has been a friend to you or not, you have to respect it if you want to successfully grow your Instagram account. In the past, you’ve probably read that the most important ways to stay ranking high in the algorithm is by posting frequently and consistently, interacting with other accounts (likes, comments, saves), as well as other accounts interacting with you (likes, comments, saves). Something new to the Instagram algorithm ranking however, is linking your shop products.

Instagram is beginning to evolve from an entertainment app, to a buy and consumer app. In efforts to keep up with new platforms like TikTok, Instagram is establishing its uniqueness. The way they are doing this is through product tagging.

Instagram has a feature where you can post a photo of a product (or products) on your Instagram feed then then have a tagged link to that photo which will take users to your business’s website or e-commerce platform like Shopify. There are studies that show shops who do this are now beginning to perform better in the algorithm ranking on Instagram.

Generally speaking, this is also a great way to have quick links to your shop while showcasing your products to existing and new followers on your account. Linking your products to your Instagram will only benefit you. You have nothing to lose, only gain from this feature!

For assistance with how to use this feature, visit this Instagram help document for a step-by-step guide.

Reposting + Tagging Opportunities

The coolest part about the new product tag feature is that other accounts can link your products to your shop or website on their own profiles. And yes, people do this! If you aren’t already working with influencers, you might want to consider it if you plan to use the product tagging feature. This is a really creative way to get your products showing up on the Instagram feed of accounts you want as customers.

Building Brand Familiarity

Lastly, the same that goes for posting consistently goes for tagging your products to your shop through Instagram. The more that you do it, the more Instagram users will be able to recognize your products. This will help you establish dominance and a recognizable appearance when your audiences sees products that are similar to yours.

Have you already started implementing the product tagging feature on your Instagram account? Tell us below your experience using this new feature! To learn more about Instagram marketing tools for small businesses, check out this article!

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